Indoor herbs to bring the outdoors to your kitchen


Fresh herbs add a touch of colour and a subtle sweet smell to your kitchen and are also great to have on hand when cooking.

If you’re like us and terrible at keeping green things alive, here are the four easiest herbs to grow.

1. Mint
Mint can grow fast, so it’s best to keep it in a separate pot to the rest of the herbs. A bit of maintenance is required to grow mint; however it does not require too much light, which makes it perfect for an Irish kitchen.

2. Chives
Chives do not need much light to grow and are easy to maintain.

3. Basil
It’s best to grow basil in the summer months as it requires several hours of sunlight to thrive.

4. Parsley
Parsley can be slow to take off, but once it does it won’t need much light or maintenance.