‘I’m an adult’ So, Lauren Conrad’s husband toned down her ‘girly’ side

We'll be honest – one of the first few things that springs to mind when we think of Lauren Conrad is pastels, pearls and pretty things.

And as far as her Instagram goes, we're not too far off point, but it sounds like she's reined in this side of herself at home if a recent interview with Good Housekeeping is anything to go by.

The former Hills star turned fashion designer explained that when moving in with her husband William Tell, she was encouraged to compromised her girlie side a little bit.

"When we got our first place together, I definitely had to learn to compromise," she admitted.

“I think he’s toned down my girly a little bit, which is good because I’m an adult and everything can’t be pink," she said.

And while she may have been encouraged to curtail her uber-girlie side, it doesn't sound like the 30-year-old minds too much considering the traditions she has gotten in return.

"One of my favourite new traditions, which is from my husband William’s family, is going over on Christmas morning in our pajamas," she told the magazine.

"It’s really sweet – his mom drops off a set for me so we’ll all match.” Lauren added.

Well, that sounds… ahem… cute.