‘If Mean Girls was set in Dublin’ This upload is our EVERYTHING

It's been 12 years since the release of Mean Girls, and yet we still find ourselves quoting lines from it on the regular.

From muttering 'She doesn't even go here' when a colleague is banging on to thinking 'So you agree, you think you're really pretty' when someone accepts a compliment a bit too quickly, the teen flick has clearly become engrained in our generation's conscience.

And while it obviously spoke to us on an emotional level, us Irish ladies are not as familiar with the various cliques which exist in American high schools.

But Dublin? Dublin, we know.

And that is why the latest offering from YouTube and Facebook comedian, Enya Martin, has struck a chord with thousands of us this week.

Shared on her Giz a Laugh Facebook page, Enya parodies Mean Girls, and offers all of us an insight into how the film might have played out had it been set in our capital city.

Ladies, down your tools – This one needs your undivided attention.