How to write the perfect ‘Thank You’ note to make someone’s day


Sometimes, it’s the things that take a little bit of effort that make the sweetest gestures!

Has your BFF been there for you every step of a break-up, have you gotten the best pressie ever from your favourite aunt or did all your mates come to your party when you feared nobody would show?

Surprising them with a simple ‘Thank You’ note will probably make their day!

Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect one.

Better late than never
No matter how much time has passed, still send a note. Simply start by apologising that it took you so long.

Keep it simple
Skip cards that are already printed with ‘Thank You’ on the front in favour of a nice design. Select a simple block or script font and look for flat versus fold-over cards. This means there is less room to waffle on a bit, and instead leave a simple, but lovely message.

Don’t mention it
Don’t mention any amount of cash – for example ‘Thanks for the €50, I bought new shoes!’ Thank them for the ‘generous gift’ instead. On top of this, never admit you’ll be returning the gift! And don’t toot your own horn – ‘I’m just the kind of person who appreciates her friends’. A thank-you is about them, not you.

Hard Copy or digital?
Do you need to pen a card, or will an e-thanks do? Ask yourself how memorable you want your gesture to be. An email gets the point across, but something handwritten leaves a lasting impression.

Do the maths
Add up these six elements: Dear So-and-So + Thank You For The Gift Or Action + How You Enjoyed It (or plan to) + Something Nice About The Giver + A Desire to Catch Up Soon + Sign-Off = job done!