How to make your face look thinner without hitting the gym


If you don’t want to spend hours working out when trying to achieve a thinner face, you don’t have to.

You can skip all that and get that chiselled look in the snap of a finger – for a few hours anyway.

With the right tools and techniques, you can  minimise roundness in your face by applying a technique called ‘contouring.’

  • Get yourself a matte bronzer that is three or four shades darker than your skin tone and a flathead brush.
  • To contour, make a ‘fish face’ and apply the product in the shape of the number ‘3,’ starting from the side of your forehead to under your cheekbones and then backwards from the cheekbone to your jawline.
  • By contouring these areas you are minimising roundness and creating a shadow that will make your cheekbone stand out more.

This simple process only takes seconds and does wonders for your face.