How to balance time between your friends and your boyfriend


When you meet that someone special, you naturally want to spend all your time with them. But there is often the danger that your close friends might feel neglected as a result.


As ridiculous as it is going to sound, if you want to fit everyone in during the week, you are going to have to organise a schedule. Sometimes it’s a good idea to alternate the weekdays and weekends. You can spend some evenings with friends and then spend some weekends with your boyfriend. But most importantly, make sure your schedule makes you happy.

Group it up

Who said you can’t bring your friends out with your boyfriend? It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to get along, but if both your friends and boyfriend finally meet, they might understand why you value your relationships with them. Who knows, they could even become friends as a result.

Be honest

But if you’re struggling to keep everyone happy in this scenario, the best thing that you can do, is be honest. Explain to your boyfriend and your friends, that you are finding it difficult to spend time with everyone, but do value each of your relationships with them. Once they hear this, they will feel reassured and will often find a way to work it out.