How soon is too soon?

Telling your significant other you love them for the first time can go both ways. Some couples share a magical moment, while others feel that those three words have put a whole lot of pressure on their relationship. Before taking things to the next step, here are a few things to consider:

Do you really mean it?
Don’t use those words as a way to manipulate him or because you feel you’re supposed to.

Will he say it back?
You say ‘I love you,’ he says ‘I know’ – not a very happy ending in our books.

Out of the blue or planned?
Sometimes it’s just better to let the love grow from within; this way saying those three words will come naturally.

Is it the right time?
If your other half quite likes how things are going, ‘I love you’ might throw him off a bit. Pace yourself so you’re both on the same page.

Maybe actions say more
Showing love and support is much stronger than any three words. Sometimes you just need to be there for one another.