Hollywood couple have blow-out row on hotel balcony


It’s easy to think that global superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the perfect life.

The recently-married couple are acclaimed actors, share six beautiful children together and live a life most of us can only dream about, so it’s nice to see they’re the same as every other couple on the planet, ie they fight from time to time.

The couple were photographed arguing on the balcony of a Sydney hotel and it seems like tempers were really starting to flare.

A frustrated Brad was seen throwing up his hands in irritation while in other shots Angelina looks contrite and upset. The Oscar-winning actress then went on to smoke a cigarette, a habit of his wife’s which Brad reportedly hates, considering Angelina's recent mastectomy and cancer struggles.

The heated debate took place the day of Angie’s Unbroken world premiere and may go some way to explaining the tension that was reported between the two actors at the event later that evening.

Speaking to In Touch, a witness said: “You could tell something was wrong. They were distant with each other. And once they were done promoting her film, they went their separate ways; Brad in one private jet.”

Hmmm…we hope it was something easily remedied!