Hilarity ensues as cat refuses to leave Irish Garda station


We love a good animal story and this one is super cute!

Gardaí  at Finglas Garda Station found a cat in the yard yesterday and obviously decided to bring it inside while the owner was being located. However, their act of kindness may have backfired as now the cat is refusing to leave – we love it!

Taking to Twitter, the official Garda account wrote: “Cat found in the yard of Finglas station today. Won’t leave. It’s a young cat. Owner can collect it from the station.”

It didn’t take long for hilarity to ensue with people suggesting he may be a ‘cat burglar’ (geddit?) and others suggesting they keep the cat.

Here are some of our favourite tweets about Finglas Garda Station’s brand new pet:

Brilliant! What a gorgeous cat, we hope he finds his owner soon!