Harry Styles gives a hilarious reply to James Corden’s prank text


Harry Styles once again proved, what a cheeky chap he really is. This time, the One Direction singer gave a funny reply to a prank text by actor, James Corden.

James was appearing on The Michael McIntyre Chat Show, when he was challenged to play the send-to-all game. The 32-year-old had to send a text to everyone in his contacts and see who replied.

James sent a text to all of his contacts including Styles saying: “Me and you, lap dancing. Are you in or out? Come on, let’s do this.”

Of course, Harry texted back with a cheeky response: “Great, but what is it with you and lap dancing? What happened the last time we did that wasn’t pretty.”

But Harry knew straight away it was a prank and quickly asked James, if he was playing the send-to-all.

There is no fooling you, Harry.