Get Kim Kardashian’s FAVE shoe look for a very affordable €30


There are many things we look for in a pair of high heels, but totally see through usually isn't the most desirable of aspects. 

That being said, perspex heels are taking Instagram by storm, and whether you want to showcase your perfect pedicure or your fishnet tights, these heels are the way to do it. 


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 Kim Kardashian and her clear Yeezus boots officially started the trend for transparent footwear, when she stepped out with her legs clad thigh high in plastic. 

The rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan followed suit, sitting front row at Yeezus shows and gallivanting around Calabasas in the translucent threads. 

Unfortunately, the Kardashian's clobber costs about €800, and with broke January being in full swing (along with broke life) we simply don't have the cash to splash.


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Luckily where the Kardashians go, the high street follows, and perspex heels are hitting the high street and online stores hard. 

Despite the potential for what has to be a tsunami of sweatiness, the boots are proving uber popular on Instagram, with fashion bloggers and regular girls alike sporting the futuristic trend. 


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We managed to find a complete dupe of the perspex creations for an affordable €30 at Quanticlo

However not everyone is jumping on the plastic fantastic bandwagon, with haters decreeing the shoes to be "ugly" and a sure fire way to make your feet stink. 

While we cannot confirm or deny the rumours about podiatry odours, we think these shoes look pretty damn amazing teamed with some socks for spring and bare legs for summer.

Just be sure to book in for a pedicure before you don these show-everything shoes.