‘Gatsbying ‘ is a new dating trend and we’ve ALL done it before

Look, sometimes we just don't think straight when we're around someone we fancy.

We've twirled our hair only for strands of it to fall out, tried to be sophisticated only for us to tumble on the ground, and we're sure most of us know all about getting that little bit too tipsy in front of your crush only to wake up the next morning with the ultimate fear.


But, 'Gatsbying' is a new term for something we've been doing since the Bebo days.

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Have you ever shared a picture online, with the sole purpose that your crush will notice it and see how amazingly smart and gorgeous you are?

We're not even going to try to deny it, we've all done it.

According to Mashable, the trend has been coined 'Gatsbying' after the main character in the book The Great Gatsby.

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"Posting a Snapchat to your story and then waiting for that one specific person to watch it, is the modern day equivalent of Gatsby throwing elaborate parties seeking Daisy's attention," wrote a Reddit user named Cupcake-Warrior.

At least we have a name for it now!

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