Five great reasons to have more sex!

As well as the obvious benefits of great sex, did you know it could actually help your health and wellbeing, too?

Here are just five reasons to get yourselves to the bedroom ASAP!

1. You can skip that gym session
Just like a spinning class, sex counts as exercise. Unlike a spinning class, it's actually enjoyable. So get moving! The average sex session apparently burns around 150 – 200 calories depending on your weight… and how wild things get!

2. It's an immune booster
As well as filling you with mood-improving endorphins, sex is also great for your general health. A study of college students having sex once or twice a week showed that their levels of immunoglobin A (the first line of defence against colds and flu) was higher than those who had no sex.

3. It's a natural painkiller
"I've got a headache" should actually be an excuse to HAVE sex, not an excuse to avoid it – studies have shown that our orgasms can help to block pain receptors in our body just like painkillers do.

4. It makes you look younger
A study in Scotland discovered that participants who had lots of regular sex (four times a week or more) were considered more youthful, with people guessing their age at around 7 – 12 years younger than they actually were. Turns out that the hormones our body releases during intercourse, testosterone and oestrogen, actually help to keep us looking younger. Who needs Creme de la Mer?!

5. It'll help you sleep
Struggling to drift off? This could be your answer! After we orgasm, our body releases a hormone called prolactin which helps to relax the body. And aside from anything else, a great sex session will certainly tire you out!