Five of the hottest beauty trends right now


Beauty is a mass of ever fluctuating changes of what is in and what is so last year. With so many changes happening it can be hard to keep up.

However, right now all you need to do is focus on these five beauty trends, the rest can wait until next week’s changes.

Bed head
Messy top knots, loose braids and less-than-perfect ponies are so hot right now that you would be forgiven for putting your hairbrush away for a few weeks.

Eyeliner has never really gone out of fashion, but this season it’s all about heavy liner. While it’s not particularly practical for the office, bang on layers of the stuff when you are heading out.

Nail art
There are so many options for nail art that you must have been hiding under a rock not to have noticed it slowly creeping onto the scene. You can either go free hand, invest in a stencil or buy stick on ones. Either way you’ll be bang on trend if you have funky art on your nails.

Pink lips
Whether you go for a pale or bright tone, you need to invest in a good pink lipstick. No doubt red will be back on trend in the winter so don’t throw out that classic colour just yet.

Green nail polish
Green polish looks great with a tan. Invest in a light, pale colour, a bright neon one or a subtle teal. There are so many options out there you will literally be spoilt for choice.