‘Extremely insulted’ So, Bruno Mars wasn’t taking THIS one lying down

If there's one thing that Bruno Mars won't accept, it's accusations that he lip-syncs when he takes to the stage to perform.

After appearing on X Factor last month, the Locked Out of Heaven singer was subject to criticism that he had mimed 24K Magic – something which he adamantly denied during an interview with NME this week.

Sounding pretty outraged by the speculation, Bruno said he can take most things that are thrown at him over the course of his career, but he won't let this one slide.

“I was reading something about me miming. Which is… well, you can say anything you want about me or my music, or make any kind of joke you want, but that to me is like, well, I’m going to get extremely insulted.”

Reflecting on the rumours that circulated following his X Factor performance, Bruno sounded genuinely insulted by the public's perception of  his performance.

"You have no idea how hard we rehearse. Just seeing that, it blew me away. Like, ‘What are they seeing? What do you mean!?" he asked.

The singer, who is due to play Dublin next year, insisted that the idea of lip-syncing is not something he would ever accept from himself or anyone else.

"Never! I’ve never lip-synced. I could have a 150-degree fever and I’ll still be up there, singing live. That’s our profession. That’s what we do.” he finished.

Right, now let that be the end of it…