Expectations vs Reality: How it is when you date online


Tinder, Snapchat, Plenty of Fish – wherever you try to find your potential new squeeze, there are certain similar characteristics that these platforms hold. We’ve become a society that has accepted online dating, snapchatting strangers and swiping left or right based on first physical impressions. We retain our romantic hopes, but the reality is much less enchanting.

Situation: Saying hi

Expectation: This will get the budding relationship off to the perfect start.


Reality: Very likely you’re going to get a penis pic in return – BOOM there it is.


Situation: Receiving messages

Expectation – Depending on what speed you want things to progress there can be different expectations. Maybe you’ll want cute messages, flirty messages or maybe a conversation in which he reveals his hopes and dreams. Whichever you’re looking for, you want his messages to show he’s interested in you.


Reality: He’ll slip up somewhere along the line, answering a question you haven’t asked therefore shooting himself in the foot and confirming he’s chatting at least one other person someone, but probably more, the cyber slut.


Situation: Arranging dates

Expectation: You will both have similar interests and the venue you both choose is your dream date destination.


Reality: There will be no date. He just wants to sit at home, get a few nudey pics from you and mess around with himself….that perv!


Situation: Meeting in person for the first time

Expectation: You will meet up in a neutral (dream date destination) place and he will be even better looking and kind in person.


Reality: His pictures were taken three years ago while he was in the best shape of his life. Now, however, he is an overweight 30-something, dressed head to toe in a Manchester United kit. His hairline has also receded 3 inches from what it was in the pictures. Basically, he’s Wayne Rooney without the money.


Situation: Rejection

Expectation: It doesn’t bother you that much and you move onto the next one..


Reality: It bothers you a little, but then you quickly get over it and move onto the next one.


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