Domino’s releases statement after wedge-gate unfolds on Twitter

If anyone has a serious case of The Fear this morning, it's one particular branch of Domino's Pizza after an employee was snapped in a compromising position in a well-known highstreet supermarket.

So, it all kicked off when the guy, who was wearing a Dominos uniform, was photographed stocking up on potato wedges in a branch of Aldi in the UK.

Taking to social media to call the pizza giant out on the apparent indiscretion, SineadSarah shared the snap before writing: "Thank you @dominos – next time I spend 3.99 on tiny portion of potato wedges, I'll remember there from Asda." (sic)

Twitter users, unsurprisingly, wasted no time getting in on the drama as the tweet racked up more than 17,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

"Free Pizza for life coming her way so she doesn't reveal any more of your secrets!" wrote one (exceptionally gleeful) social media user.

"I feel so betrayed," added another.

Weighing in on the controversy, a spokesperson for the international franchise acknowledged the public's outrage, and hastened to offer an explanation for the move.

"With a big sporting weekend, very occasionally our stores are in an unfortunate position where some products may run out," she said.

"We do not advocate this as a solution and are investigating. We have rigorous food standards where our franchisees buy all food from our approved suppliers to help maintain the high standards customers rightly expect.”

Right, so…