DIY beauty hacks that will change your life


Ok so, maybe “change your life” sounds a little dramatic, but we stand by it. These tips are great and make looking good an even easier job.

1. Pluck your eyebrows on a plane
We know you might not be on a plane very much but take advantage when you are because you will never find better lighting than you will here to take out those itty bitty hairs that won’t budge.

2. Expertly remove glitter nails
Everybody loves glitter nails – how could you not? What we do not like, however, is the pain of removing the glitter nail varnish. To remove the polish like a pro you need to create a peel-off base. All you need to do is get some kid’s glue (PVC perhaps) and mix it with a little water so it gets a nail-polish texture and use it as your base. Then, when it comes to removal, all you have to do is peel, simple and genius!

3. Make your lips stand out
When you have applied your favourite lipstick, make it stand out even more by dabbing some light shimmer eyeshadow into the middle of your lips for an even more dazzling look.

4. Make your perfume last
Your perfume will last all day if you place it in the following spots; the back of the knee, the throat, inside of your elbow, behind your ear and inside of the wrist.

5. How to dazzle with your eyes
Make your eyes stand out by putting a little white eye-liner or a light coloured shimmer eyeshadow into the corners of your eyes nearest your nose. It will brighten your eyes and make them bigger.