Disney songs and their many secret messages


There's no denying how much Disney films taught us as children, but have we ever stopped to consider how many things we can learn from these gems as adults?

From The Lion King to The Little Mermaid, the tracks from these films are positively teeming with life lessons and handy hints.

Take a moment to sing your favourite Disney song and emerge from your performance utterly enlightened.

Here are just five little lessons that these classic sing-a-long tracks taught us.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
There’s not a king or vagabond on God’s green earth that would judge you for falling in love with a sexy lion. End of.


Let It Go
Enjoying cold weather will ensure you’re immune to all of life’s trials and tribulations. So, man up, and go stand in the garden dammit.


Part of Your World
No matter how many gadgets and gizmos you have, it’s always acceptable to want more, more , MORE! Deadly, giz.


A Whole New World
If your boyfriend tells you he’s going to take you over, sideways and under on a carpet ride, get your mind out of the gutter and prepare to see some actual aerial views.


Colours of the Wind
If all you’ve painted with is a Crayola set in 3rd class, then you may as well give up. You’ve failed.


Know what we're sayin'?