Check out what’s on in the cinema this weekend!

There’s lots coming out in the cinemas just in time for the weekend! So, grab your friends or your date (or both!) and head to your local theatre.

Still Alice
The role Julianna Moore won an Oscar for will finally be hitting select Irish screens this weekend. Julianna stars as Alice Howland, a linguistics professor whose family are put to the test when she gets a diagnosis that will change her life.


Set in the future (stay with us here) in a world where the police force has been replaced by a mechanized robot fleet, the people begin to revolt. One robot, nicknamed Chappie, is reprogrammed to think and feel for himself. When the force in charge of the new robot police discover Chappie, they set out to ensure he is the last of his kind.


Unfinished Business
Starring a host of great actors from Vince Vaughn, Sienna Miller and Dave Franco, Unfinished Business tells the story of a small business owner (Vaughn) who travels to Europe to close an important business deal. Needless to say, nothing goes to plan…