Celebrity siblings come under fire for “incest” joke


Uh-oh. It looks like Khloe and Rob Kardashian are paying the price for quite an embarrassing joke-gone-wrong.

With their every word and movement under the constant scrutiny of their dedicated army of followers, they were never likely to get away with their latest joke about incest.

Rob kicked things off by naming sister Khloe as his Woman Crush Wednesday, sharing a split photo of her from the front and back wearing a pair of rather revealing leggings. His tweet, which to be fair was intended as a joke, read: “#WCW @khloekardashian shneeeeee meeeee claaaaaa.”

Khloe then decided to get in on the banter, sharing Rob’s photo and writing: “Totally a normal brother/sister relationship. Incest is best!!! #HeyBooHey”.

The siblings, who have previously lived together and are known for their close relationship, were clearly just having some innocent banter, but it looks as though their fans did not appreciate it!

Indeed, their joke garnered criticism across Twitter and Instagram, with one user writing: “Ew if my brother ever talked about me the way Rob does about Khloe I’d throw up”, with another user branding them “incest freaks”.

True to form, Rob and Khloe have not removed the posts, and are probably having a great big laugh over the situation.

What do you think – are people overreacting, or are Rob and Khloe’s comments in bad taste?