Cards at the ready – A SHOPPING feature is on the way to Instagram

You’re scrolling through Instagram, find the outfit of your dreams, but by the time you’ve rounded up all of its deets you’ve totally lost interest.

If this situation sounds familiar, listen up, as Instagram is about to launch a new feature which will allow users to shop directly from the app.

Until now, third-party sites like have been the only way to buy products semi-directly through the ‘gram, but soon the image sharing platform will begin testing a new shoppable posts feature.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, these shoppable posts will contain a “tap to view” icon which will produce a tag with information about the product involved when tapped.

Once a tag is selected, a more detailed view of the product will open which then leads to a “Shop Now” button.

To begin with, the feature will be tested on 20 brands and will only be available to users in the States.

If it’s successful, we could all be shopping while scrolling in the near future.

GIFs: Giphy