Cara Delevigne SLAYED a Twitter troll in the most feminist way

Cara Delevigne has been enjoying a slightly quieter life since she hung up her model it-girl boots to focus on her acting career. 

With nine movies and countless modelling gigs under her belt, no one could ever accuse the star of being afraid of hard work.

Unless you're a troll on Twitter, that is.

Now celebrities don't usually respond to online haters, but Cara decided that one troll in particular had gone too far. 

On a tweet where Cara expressed her excitement at her volunteering position in Uganda, a hater commented that the model "can't cash in on her eyebrows forever," and advised her to seek a "real job."

Cara clapped back, telling the troll that her volunteer work had absolutely nothing to do with her looks. 

"You are just a another thirsty man who puts people down for attention on twitter and who thinks that looks are all that's important," retorted the model.

"I have no time no another man trying to tear down a woman for being successful."

*mic drop*

Cara also responded to him personally in a series of reply tweets, in which the hater asked Cara: "Do you not know who I am? I've had a very successful career I think I know what I'm talking about."

Errrrr, okay, if you say so. Cara explained that she didn't know who he was and that his unsolicited advice was less than appreciated. 

"Well I am very famous so maybe you should update yourself on celeb culture. Anyway, I tried to help. Whatever," said the troll, who has 11,000 followers compared to Cara's 7.47 million.

The hater, named Brad "the Lad" Long, who claims to be a "media personality and showbiz journalist "who is "most famous for telling it like it is," did not relent his criticisms. 

Cara then proceeded to ignore him while tweeting images of her volunteering experiences in Uganda.

You go girl.