Can the colour of your dress make him fall in love?

Did you know that there’s always a psychology behind why you chose the colours of your outfit?

They can indicate aspects of your personality, such as shyness, confidence or flamboyance and can also make an impression on other people too. This can actually be quite important when it comes to things like dating.

If it’s the first time you are meeting this person, perhaps you want to convey something specific or let the person know your personality type.

So have a look at the following colours and have a think about the impression you want to make on your next date! Even better, use the list to work out what type of person your date might be.

Pink is a calming and non-threatening colour. It is affectionate but be careful because it is also a young colour so can portray immaturity also.

The colour blue is calm and serene; like the ocean. A person who dresses in blue is often honest and sincere.

People who like to wear purple are often creative in personality; perhaps with an arty job. Purple also coveys intelligence and is a warm colour. Purple is known as the colour of royalty because of its richness and depth.

Black is a no-nonsense colour, hence why it’s so popular for interviews. It is formal, classic and sophisticated and people who wear black may also be serious types. Or they’re just people who know you can’t go wrong with a LBD.

Ooh red. Red is the colour of passion and love. It makes your heart race and gets the blood pumping. It is also the colour of danger. Chris deBurgh didn’t write Lady in Red for nothing! Though we do wish we had a better example.