So Brody Jenner REALLY doesn’t like Kanye West!


We’re sure Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have a thing or two to say about Brody Jenner’s recent outburst!

Things got a little (ok, a LOT) heated in the season 10 premier for Keeping Up with the Kardashians when Brody joined his dad Bruce, Kourtney and Scott for some drinks.

After a couple, conversation turns to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, which it was rumoured Brody didn’t attend as his girlfriend was not given an invite. However, Brody denied this, maintaining he had bookings to honour.

At the time, he was also photographed at Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush’s wedding. Speaking to Bruce, Kourtney and Scott about the Kimye nuptials, Brody didn’t mince his words: “I’m very happy for them, but do you think that they were like, ‘We have to have Brody and Kaitlynn there. If they’re not there then this wedding is not going to happen.’ Nobody really gave a fu** if Kaitlynn or I went.”

Things then got even more awkward when Bruce pointed out that Brody went to Reggie’s wedding, with Brody retaliating: “Of course! Why wouldn’t I? I love Reggie. Put Kanye and Reggie together in a burning building, guess who I’m saving? Reggie all the way.”

Ouch – don’t hold back there, Brody!

Something tells us Kim will be less than pleased with these comments about her husband!