Brad Pitt finally gets revenge on George Clooney


A known prankster on movie sets, it seems that George was once pranked himself by none other than his good friend Brad Pitt.

Speaking on his Reddit account during an ‘ask me anything’ session, George revealed that when they were shooting for Oceans 12 in his hometown of Lake Como, Brad spread rumours that George didn’t like to be looked in they eyes and only wished to be known by his character’s name, Danny Ocean.

As these things go, the rumour ended up in the local newspaper which branded Clooney “Il Divo” and said that he was mistreating the movie crew.

When George saw Brad with the paper, he told him, “You’re mine from here on out,” to which Brad responded with feigned worry and said, “Please don’t harm my children”.

George finished by saying that Brad has done some “pretty rotten things”. What we wouldn’t give to see these two on set!