Bono cheats death after freak plane accident yesterday


It has been revealed that Bono and four of his friends were ‘extremely lucky’ to avoid crashing yesterday after one of the doors fell off the plane they were travelling in, mid flight.

The private jet, which was carrying the U2 frontman, was making its way from Dublin to Berlin when the freak accident occurred.  Sources have said: “They were at an altitude where anything could have happened and they are all feeling very lucky to be alive.”

Commenting on the shocking accident, Germout Freitag, a German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation official said: “There can be many reasons for this incident. Either something broke on the door or the door wasn't closed properly. Those are the usual problems that occur."

Thankfully no one was injured, but the same can’t be said for the passengers’ luggage which fell out during the incident and it’s unknown whether it landed over water or land, but latest reports have suggested that a piece of the airplane had landed near the German capital.

Bono’s bandmates, Larry, Adam and The Edge were not on board this flight as Bono had made the decision to fly ahead of them in order to attend a diplomatic event.

What a terrifying thing to happen!