4 beauty uses for coconut oil


Coconut oil doesn’t just smell delicious – it also makes a pretty great beauty product for ladies everywhere.

Hair conditioning
Coconut oil will leave your hair lovely and soft making it perfect for dry, damaged hair. Simply rub a little on your hands and run it through your tresses, avoiding the root area. Wash it off in the shower and you will notice a huge difference.

Make-up remover
Coconut oil is great for taking off your eye make-up and contains antibacterial products that helps to keep your face lovely and clean.

Rub a little coconut oil on your face before bed to help lock in moisture. However, this is not a good idea if you have oily and spot prone skin as it can be a little greasy.

Lip balm
If you have dry, chapped lips, rubbing a little coconut oil on them works wonders. It also taste good too.

You can pick up some coconut oil in your local health food store.