Are Selena and Justin back together again?!


Despite all the cheating speculation and passive aggressive selfies, Justin has somehow managed to win Selena back…again.

Apparently Justin reached out to Selena after the release of that controversial video last month.

“Justin reached out to Selena when he was getting tons of backlash for his controversial race joke. He told Selena that he really missed her, that she was the ONLY one who truly understood him and that he needed her by his side.”

According to close sources, Selena felt sorry for Justin and decided to fly out to his dad’s birthday at the beginning of June and the rest is history.

“He also told her that she was his one and only soulmate and that he was lost without her. Words that Selena had longed to hear, even though she’s basically heard them before. Yep, they are crazy about each other … once again.”

Hmmm, we’re not sure what to think about these two anymore, but we reckon it won’t be long until there’s some more Jelena drama!