Shocking new details reveal actress was ‘out of control’ before arrest


The more information that surfaces about Amanda Bynes, the more concerned we are about her.

While it looked as though the actress was getting her life back on track after her arrest and hospitalisation last year, it looks as though nothing had changed behind the scenes.

A classmate at the Fashion Institute of Design, where Amanda was studying, told TMZ that the actress often showed up to class high and displayed erratic behaviour, and was actually recently kicked out of the college.

Student Rachel Loritz revealed: “Amanda often ditched classes…but even when she showed up, she was clearly high, and not good at hiding it…she almost always wore sunglasses and laughed out loud at inappropriate times.”

It was Bynes’ bad behaviour, which included paying other students to do her homework that reportedly got her kicked out of the prestigious school in August.

Amanda hit the headlines again this week after it was revealed that she had been arrested for driving under the influence. Worryingly, when her parents were contacted for comment, they admitted that they knew nothing of the arrest, and had no idea of her whereabouts since their conservatorship over her ended.

It does not look good for the actress. We really hope she can move on from this difficult cycle in her life.