Actress arrested for driving under the influence of drugs


Amanda Bynes has found herself in legal hot water again. The actress was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning on a DUI charge.

Police concluded that she was “driving under the influence of a controlled substance.”

Amanda was stopped by officers when she ran a red light at a junction and then proceeded to stop her car in the middle of the street.

As well as noting that the actress failed sobriety tests at the scene, the police report also mentioned that she had a “dishevelled appearance.”

The Hairspray star was held for $15,000 (€11,820) bail before she was released later on Sunday afternoon.

This isn’t the first time Amanda has been arrested for driving under the influence. She is still on probation for a 2012 charge and is expected to have a final court appearance at the end of October.

The former child star has had a rocky few years. As well a number of bizarre outbursts on social media, Amanda also completed a five-month stint in rehab last year.

Since being released last December, the actress has been open about her efforts to get her life back on track, signing up for fashion design classes in California, regaining her driver’s license and moving back in with her parents.