9 super awkward things that happen on dates


Dating can be a very awkward experience, especially in the early stages when you know nothing about each other and try to present the best possible portrait of yourself. You try and hide your embarrassing secrets and are both trying to figure out if you really like one another enough to pursue the relationship any further. Maybe some of these awkward moments ring a bell?

1. The first time you go to hold their hand.
This can be a difficult moment to judge. When is the “appropriate time” to hold their hand. You’re wondering if they’re thinking the same thing but struggle to get a good read of the situation.

rejected-o2. Getting food in your teeth
Getting home from your date, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice an enormous piece of spinach hanging between your two front teeth! How long has it been there? Did they notice? WHY didn’t they say anything?!

Capture3. How to pay the bill?
Is he going to pay the bill or maybe you should offer? Or maybe you should go halves? Oh, we just don’t know.

date_man_paying_bill4. Trying to hide that you’re seeing a couple of people at once
What if they think you’re exclusive?

giphy5. Ordering the chicken wings
There is officially no way to do this gracefully.

giphy6. When it’s time to have “the talk!”
Oh no, you’re so not ready for this!

giphy7. You have to use the bathroom.
It’s inevitable.

giphy8. Seeing each other naked
Seeing each other in the nip for the first time can be awkward, especially if one, or both of you, are self-conscious about parts of their bodies. Just know that if one of you is self-conscious, then the other is probably as well.

jjj1. Do you go for the hug or the kiss?
The age-old dilemma of how to say goodbye to your date – do you go for the ass-out friendly hug, a cute peck on the cheek or go ultra-attacking and lean in for the kiss on the lips? Pay attention to the signals that the other is giving off because they will be thinking about the same problem as you are. Don’t over-analyse it. Find the middle ground on your first date and then take it from there next time around. Save yourself the embarrassment!


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