9 signs your relationship is perfectly fine


Relationships can have their ups and downs, but if you find yourself agreeing with most of the below – you might just be meant to be!

1. Your humour is so in sync

You frequently say the same jokes at the same time, or make references to TV shows that have most people scrambling. You love the same movies and shows. You both think the other is hilarious. They can make you laugh like no other person can. When you’re down all they have to do is say something funny and you’re all better.

2. You each have lives outside of the relationship

You have your own friends so you don’t spend all your free time together. You’re not one of those couples that are constantly hanging off each other that everyone hates. You both have nights out with your friends, neither of you lets your relationship get in the way of your friends. 

3. He's nice and kind to you AND your friends

The girls and your parent love him; he's thoughtful, kind and generous to not only you but to those you love. 

4. Intelligence & opinions

You can have intellectual conversations and will listen to each other and give your opinions. You respect each other’s intelligence and don’t patronise them or try to make them feel stupid. Because they aren’t.

5. Passions

You each have interests outside of the other. They liked other stuff before you came along and so did you. 

6. You do things together

Not just sexy things…You go out on dates, or stay in for dates depending on the state of your bank balance. You go away together and both get involved in the planning and execution of those trips. You try out new hobbies, new food fads, new movies. You love sharing new experiences with them.

7. Honesty & trust

You don’t have any illusions about the other person. You can talk about anything and don’t keep stuff from the each other. You don’t push for information, because you know that they trust you enough to tell you when they’re ready.

8. No cheating or games

You know you would never cheat on them, and you can only assume they feel the same. 

9. You just know

Cheesy but true. You don't need an article to tell you that your relationship is in a good place – it just is. And even if you go through a rough patch from time to time, you always come back full circle. After all, if the light bulb breaks in a house, do you move house, or just change the light bulb? 

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