8 essentials for better sex


Whether you're looking to spice up your relationship or just make things a bit more interesting, here are the sex essentials! (After another person, obviously).

1. The Karma Sutra

Get that old time book out and get ready to work it. 

2. Sexy Soundtrack

A soundtrack to your sexy night is essential. Otherwise, you may get the giggle when that diarrhoea ad comes on TV. 

3. Porn

Not for everyone, but if you're not into visualisation, why not try reading a sexy novel?

4. Lube

It's slippery and fun, what's not to love?!

5. Lingerie

It’s not easy being a girl – until it comes to sex, that is – and all we have to do is throw on some sexy lingerie to capture your attention. Lace? Great. Red? Fantastic. Suspenders? Oh stop…

6. Candles/A Dim Lamp

In essentially every single sex scene to ever make it onto film, there are no bright, unflattering lights under which your cellulite will be shining bright or your face glowing puce. No, instead you have candles, dim lights and a red orange glow.Take a little inspiration and dim your lights tonight, because there’s nothing sexy about observing your partners skin condition under the glow of what could also be mistaken for a surgery lamp.

7. Sex Toys

Never fear, we’re not in any shape or form suggesting that you’re bad at sex. We’d never say such a thing, in fact. However, take some good sex, add a vibrator or some other form of battery operated plaything to the mix and you have yourself a recipe for success. It’s going to do nothing but benefit you both, keep you both excited, plus add some new sensations and areas of interest into the mix. Winning.

8. Contraception

Sorry to end this whole thing on a massive downer, but safe sex is better sex. Nobody wants to come away from sex with anything other than a smile on their face. Unless you're in a loving committed relationship and you're trying for a baby, then by all means, get to it!

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