7 traits men have that turn women off


There are some traits that guys have that make you automatically tick them off your list. Here are some of them:

1. He's too cocky
Girls like a guy who is confident, not cocky. Arrogance can be used as a guise for humour if stated in a sarcastic demeanour and it’s crystal clear that you aren’t being serious.  

arrogant animated GIF

2. Overcompensation
Okay so they seem like a great guy, until they start name dropping and boasting about how great they are. Next!

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3. He doesn't like a "chase"
You have to work for this now come on!

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4. He's a better friend
You place him in your friend-zoned list – bummer but he needs to step it up. 

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5. He only cares about sex
And he's not subtle about it. 

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6. He lacks confidence
He's sweet and cute and good-looking but if only HE knew that!

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7. He's TOO nice
We're not saying we like a bad boy, but if we are being really mean then he shouldn't be the one apologising…

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