5 signs you are probably leading him on

If you can identify with any of these it means your best guy friend is more than likely head over heels for you.

We know it can be handy to have someone around, but let him go and the right person will come along for both of you.

Or else figure out if you could maybe like him too? He’s obviously good enough to spend a lot of time with!

1. You come home from a terrible date and call him to come over and watch Love Actually, he does.
It’s 3am on a Saturday – you are more important than a night out with the lads. Just friends? Don’t think so!

2. He carries all your bags and shopping for you
A man doesn’t willingly go shopping with a woman without a good reason.

3. He walks you to work every morning, turning up at 8am with an extra-hot skinny Caramel Macchiato in hand.
He works on the opposite side of the city…

4. He’s your back-up plan
If that cute guy is busy or the girls are away, you turn to him.

5. His friends joke that you are a couple
Your friends know that is a ridiculous notion.