4 benefits of having a boyfriend in college


Many people are quick to say that it's best to be single during college – but just because you're not doesn't mean you will have any less awesome of a time! Here are some benefits to having an other half while in college:

 1. Sex

Oh come on, it was always going to be number one. 
2. No Heating? No Problem

If that boiler breaks down for the 100th time this month just throw on some warm clothes and snuggle up to your other half. Heating is overrated. 

3. Guaranteed presents

Who doesn't love a good birthday/Christmas/Valentine's present? And nobody is under as much pressure to do good by you as a boyfriend. 

4. To Go Out, Or Not To Go Out? That Is The Question

We love a good night out, but at least if we opt out we can still have a nice cosy night in. How bad. 

via our content partner CT