Things that every Irish person does on their holidays

Don’t lie, you have done each and every one of these at least once during your holliers.

1. Letting everyone know you have arrived safely
Whether you check-in online or text your mammy, there is a serious guilt if you do not instantly let people know you are there safely once your plane hits the runway.

giphy2. Complaining about the weather
“Jeeeeesus lads, it’s humid!” You’d miss the clear Irish air all the same, like.

its-too-hot3. Lathering on the factor 50
Because sunburn hurts, that’s why.

Sunburn+Meme4. Asking where all the tourist attractions are
There’s no feckin shame in asking!

giphy5. Dressing like a tourist
Yup, we see you, with your massive hat and birkenstocks. It’s like seeing a North Face jacket in Ireland and instantly knowing it’s an American tourist.


6. Eating the same food you do at home
“‘I’ll have the bacon and cabbage please.”

butter-food7. Assuming everyone speaks English
Just because you speak louder, doesn’t mean they understand you any more.


8. “Sure, you wouldn’t see that in Ireland now”
All that kissing and cuddling – Jaysis!

giphy9. Buying crappy souvenirs
Sure everyone loves a key ring!

4855709910. Speaking Irish
You haven’t a word, except “amadan,” which incidentally, is the only one you need.

11. Going to Irish pubs
You leave Ireland just to spend your entire holiday in a place that looks exactly like your local.

SHOWBIZ Simpsons 112. Doing the country proud
We have a reputation for drinking and when we go abroad, we feel the need to reaffirm it. This is usually done in the form of drinking so much that you blackout for the rest of the  holiday.

drinkingvia our content partner CT