13 of the worst things a guy could do on a first date

1. He accidentally texts you ‘She’s actually way hotter in her profile pics. You around for pints soon?’

2. He goes to the toilet and takes 20mins, coming back saying that he has a dodgy burrito earlier

3. He pulls out his own steak knife


4. He tweets during the meal saying ‘The only good things about tonight is the food #awkward’


5. He de-friends you from Facebook while you are in the bathroom

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6. On his way to the bathroom he meets a girl he knows and you hear him say ‘I’ll give you a call later tonight’ and winks…


7. He tells you to create a diversion as he stuffs the condiments into his man bag


8. He pops some Nurofen cold and flu and says “gives me a nice buzz before I start drinking.”


9. He bites his nails and spits them on the table


10. He says to the waiter “Can you just bring her a glass of wine every 7 minutes” with a wink….


11. He asks you about the friend in your profile photo and says “She’s really more my type, she on Tinder?”


12. He takes a selfie at the table


13. He leaves his number on the bill for the waitress


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