12 signs you and your BFF are peas in a pod

You get worried that you’re a bit toooo weird together, but hey, it’a all fun so who cares! Here are the signs that you and your best friend are two of a kind

1. You dare each other to do stupid things
You do really crazy and stupid stuff together, but have the utmost trust in each other.

triple-dog-dare2.  You communicate in your own special way
You have an interesting way of saying I love you and insults are your way of expressing how much your friend means to you. It’s as if complimenting each other isn’t enough.


3. You can tell them anything, no matter how strange it sounds
They’re like an open book and they have literally no filter. You can tell them your deepest darkest secrets, but also disgusting things about your body and they won’t bat an eyelid.


4. You still call each other by your stupid nicknames
You never call them by their full name either it’s a shortened version of their name of just the first letter like D, M or Aido. It’s extrmemely childish, but both of you still think it’s cool.


5. You have to text each other every night before you go to bed
When your friend forgets to text you feel like something has gone wrongyou start to think of what you said to them earlier and if they’re mad at you or not. In reality they just fell asleep and forgot to text you.


6. You ‘literally’ die when you randomly meet each other in public
Meeting your  friend when you weren’t planning on seeing them makes your week. You can’t help but cause a scene when you randomly see your friends walking down the street.


7. You know each other’s phone number and Facebook passwords off by heart
After spending so much time with them you know their phone number and every one of their passwords. You don’t memorise them, over time you have been exposed to it so much that they just seem to sink in.


8. If you’re not home, they wait in your house until you come home
You feel so comfortable with each other that if you’re not there when they call they just chill in your house until you do. Your family doesn’t mind either because they love having them over.


9. Your idea of a night-in is wearing pyjamas and watching romantic comedies together
If you’re at home and bored you invite them over to eat junk food and watch movies. It doesn’t matter how you look, so you both wear pyjamas.


10. When you order food you get one portion and share it
You know exactly the type of food you both like so you just order one thing and share it between you. Sometimes you don’t even have to say it and you order a 4 and 1 for the both of you.


11. You know every detail of each other’s sex life
There is nothing that you haven’t already told them about your sex life. Who you shifted last night, who your stalking on Facebook and all the rest of the gory details!


12. When they’re not around you feel like a piece of you is missing
You’re not the same without the creepy look that they give you, or the random things they say on a daily basis. The only thing that comforts you is when you get a text from them.

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