12 reasons holidays were better when you were a kid


Holidays these days are never the same as when you were a kid. Here are some of the reasons we pine for those childhood holidays so much:

1. Your parents payed for everything
Oh to be a child again. Your parents brought you away to Spain, France or Italy or Youghal and payed for everything. Now you have to contribute some rent money and just TRY and ask them to fund your summer holiday now!

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2. You went away, and came back from your holiday, completely stress-free
You went away completely stress-free, and guess what? You came back completely stress-free. The largest of your concerns was going back to school in a month’s time. But then again, you got to see all of your friends again so it didn’t bother you that much.

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3. Spending 5 consecutive hours in the swimming pool was the best thing ever
You literally never got bored. You could swim and swim and swim. Holding your breath for as long as possible, spying on people underwater, being the first to find the penny at the bottom of the pool and racing your friends supplied you with infinite hours of fun. Eventually, your dad  pulled you out of the pool all shriveled up and looking like a prune but you didn’t care.

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4. You thought you were James Bond escaping from the kid’s club that your parent’s sent you to
God love our parents. They tried and tried to send us away for a couple of hours so they could have a few measly hours to themselves without us bothering them. To do what, we will never know? Our adventures came from escaping the kid’s club and the adventure camps and taking refuge back at the pool.

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5. Food, glorious food.
You were much more easier to please back then. Going out for delicious meals every night was delightful.

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6. You never woke up hungover, feeling like you were on the verge of death
Alcohol was quite literally the LAST thing on your mind at that age. The closest you ever came to drinking was when you badgered your dad for a sup of his Guinness because your cool friend told you that he tasted beer. One sip was enough to almost make you hurl, and that was the end of it. Back to the Fanta and Coke.

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7. Making best friends with someone for the time that you were there
Your holiday pals and you had many adventures together. In the week or two that you spent together you were inseparable. Making friends like that is a lot harder now that you’re an adult.

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8. You went to bed late, and got up early with an abundance of energy
Your energy supply was endless. You jumped into bed at 2am after you got home from the restaurant and bars that your parents took you to, then bounded out of bed as soon as the sun came up, looking to set the towels up by the pool again.


9. Developing an unmatched base tan that you simply can’t achieve now
You were able to swim and run around in the sun for hours, picking up a solid base tan in the process. The only time you sat in the shade was when your parents called you over for your lunchtime sandwich or ice-cream by the pool, and the it was straight back in. You couldn’t even try and get that sort of tan naturally now.

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10. With no iPhone, you were outdoors all the time and the most active you’ve ever been
You had no phone, and you didn’t care. Your only concerns was getting out and spending as much time with your friends as possible. We could all take a leaf out of our early childhood selves.

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11. An ice-cold Coke in the sun was your Heaven, you’re much harder to please now
Where's our Martini with two olives, waiter?

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12. Your parents took great care of you, now you take care of yourself, which you’re actually terrible at
Back then your parents did everything for you and made sure you wanted for nothing. Now as you’ve grown older, they still do their best to ensure you want for nothing, but you’re learning to take care of yourself. And you find out that you’re pretty damn bad at it.

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