10 ways to tell you’re the ‘smug girl in a relationship’


We all have that friend who is so content in her relationship that she makes the rest of us question our own random hook-up’s, less-than-perfect boyfriends and permanent single status.

If you’re sitting there thinking ‘Wait, I don’t have a friend like that!’, we’re sorry, but you’re that friend. We know it’s tough to hear, but it’s vital you know.

If you’re still not convinced that you’re walking a fine line between smug and satisfied, then maybe read on and see if any of these ring true.

1. You don’t join in with the “My boyfriend’s a total head melt” conversation when the girls are dishing the dirt.

No, it doesn’t get on their nerves at all…we promise.

2. You admire how good you look together in every passing reflection and often request that he join you in your admiration.

And this doesn’t make him self-conscious at all.

3. You do the ‘How to know he’s the ONE’ quizzes with a secret smug smile and then reveal the results to your friends.

Seriously, that’s fine.

4. You bring him up in conversation at every opportunity.

Oh, your boyfriend has a radiator in his house too? Well, that’s swell!

5. You make fake sarcastic comments about being a boring couple, but you don’t mean a word of it.

Don’t worry, everyone believes you, we swear.

6. You throw words like ‘brunch’ and ‘walks on the beach’ around like nobody’s business.

No, keep going, we want to hear more!

7. You talk about his mum like you’re best friends.

Margaret said what about her casserole dish? Interesting!

8. You jokingly tease him in front of his parents with a knowing smile.

Margaret loves it, but his dad Martin’s not as in to it, if we’re honest.

9. You view other people’s Facebook relationship drama with a sigh and a smirk.

We know, why, oh why can’t they be more like you two?

10. You picture what you look like while having sex, excuse us, while ‘making love’ and it doesn’t make you laugh because you know the pair of you look perfect.

And you know what? Maybe, you do!

Ah don’t mind us girl, we’re just jealous.