10 things you should avoid doing in a new relationship

Those first few weeks of a new relationship can be make or break. Here are some things that you really shouldn't do, when in a brand new relationship:

1. Don’t Overdo the Sex
The sexual chemistry is, of course, palpable, but remember you need to get to know this person too. 

2. Don’t Broadcast Your Relationship
You now have a significant other and as long as you both know that, then there is really no need to start every conversation with, ‘well me and my boyfriend’. He has a name.

3. Jumping the ‘I Love You Gun’ Too Soon
Just because you’re in a relationship now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t scare them off as quickly, as it took you to get them.

4. Meeting the Parents too Soon
You’re in a relationship now, which means you’re somewhat committed to each other, but you don’t have to introduce  her to the whole clan just yet. 

5. Don’t Get Too Serious
Being in a relationship is like levelling up in the maturity ladder. However, there’s no need to start talking about how many kids you would like, or if you’re a cat or a dog person, because it might become a problem later in life. Just take it down a notch.

6. Don’t Become Obsessive
Similar to getting too serious, you have to remember that this person is not your property. To an extent you have to compromise for each other but, you can’t stop them from going out or having their own social life.

7. Don’t Hang Out Together All The Time
Remember what you used to do before you jumped on the love train? Like going out or just simply hanging out with your friends? That shouldn’t stop. If you break up, you’ll find yourself all alone with no one there to hang out with.

8. Don’t Get Jealous
We all get jealous from time to time, but don’t turn into that overly attached girlfriend. Don't allow him to become possessive either. 

9. Remember to Mess With Each Other Without Getting  Serious
Laughter is important in a relationship. Don't take things too seriously. 

10. For the Love of God Don’t Get Attached to Each Others Faces
We know, it’s young love and there’s just so many hormones flying all over the place, but remember that your friends will judge you, and people will find it disgusting. You both know who you’re going home with, so stop shifting in the corner and actually socialise as individuals.

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