10 things you need to do after you break up with someone


So you’ve been dumped… We’ve all been there, so the right thing to do is share our knowledge with you. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting over a break up:

1. Cry
It’s the natural thing to do, you’re going to be feeling upset so let yourself have one day of mourning and release the waterworks and then never speak of it again.

2. Eat Your Body Weight In Food
Food will always be there for you when you need it and not cheat on you with some girl in a club. Eat a lot of chocolate and pizza it really is the best medicine.

3. Don’t watch The Notebook
Or Titanic or Dirty Dancing, just don’t do it to yourself, you don’t want to go back to stage 1.

4. Go on an epic night out
Grab your friends and have a few cocktails – but be careful, you don't want to get so drunk as you cry in public!

5. Get Your Charm On
Take advantage of being single and make up for lost time.

6. Don’t Drunk Call Him
You don’t need to tell him you’re over him. Never speaking to him again will get the message across a lot better

7. Don’t Facebook stalk him
Delete/block him or hide his posts from your timeline, do whatever it takes…

8. Don’t Sleep In His Hoody
Just get rid of it, you’re not Taylor Swift.

9. Have A Girls Night (yes, again!)
Remember those friends you completely forgot about when you had a boyfriend? Yeah them, give them a call and have a girly night out and get your wing-woman skills back on, you no longer have to be the one in a relationship while everyone else is flirting with guys to get free drinks.

10. Enjoy The Single Life
You are a single pringle ready to mingle

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