10 things he says and what he actually means

Men are a conundrum.

Here are some of the typical things you may hear them say – and more importantly, what they actually mean when they say them.

1. He fancies you
If he says: So maybe we could go for a walk or a coffee?
He actually means: I think you’re really hot and want to ask you out, but I’m of a nervous disposition.


2. I don’t really like you in that way
If he says: You’re a really nice person
He actually means: See ya!


3. I need you to stick around
If he says: Let’s be friends
He actually means: You’re not my type, but could you set me up with your hot friend?


4. Not so serious
If he says: We’re seeing each other
He actually means: You’re his first choice but there may be someone else involved.


5. When he wants sex
If he says: This is our fourth date, isn’t it?
He actually means: I WANT SEX


6. Player
If he says: I don’t want anything serious
He actually means: Friends with benefits?chattanooga-choo-choo-dance-o

7. Jealousy
If he says: How many guys have you been with?
He actually means: I’m the best, right?


8. It’s getting serious…
If he says: Introduces you as his girlfriend
He actually means: He no longer introduces you as his “friend” and he more than likely wants you to meet his friends, family etc. Are YOU ready? my-friends-reaction-when-i-asked-why-he-is-still-with-his-bitch-girlfriend-63598
9. Scaredy-cat
If he says: Maybe we need to slow down
He actually means: Maybe you need to slow downnervous-gif

10. It’s love!
If he says: I love you
He actually means: You make me incredibly happy whenever we are together. I think you may be The One.


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