10 role models that every woman needs in her life

College Friend
College days were the best days and so were the friends you made there too.

Childhood Best Friend
She’s known you forever and no matter how long it’s been you’ve seen each other, nothing changes when you meet up.

Cool older Woman
Her experience and words of wisdom will always come in handy.

Who else would you talk about work with?

Married Friend
They could be the practically married friend but still sometimes it’s nice to hear a fresh perspective.

It’s so important that you get along with your roommate and if they become friend as a result of it, well that just a bonus.

YOLO friend
You need this friend to help you live on the edge because you definitely get too comfy at times.

Polar Opposite Friend
Much like the practically married friend they offer a much needed fresh points of views on different things.

Truth Talker
We all need the one person in our lives who is going to tell us straight because without them we would be in ignorance about many things.

Best Friend
They’re practically your soul mate and they know what you’re thinking before even you do.