10 people who need to be schooled in Tinder!

As our recent SHEmazing investigation shows, Tinder is as common a dating method for you ladies as giving someone the glad-eye in Coppers. As a result, very few of us are strangers to the awkward and sometimes soul-destroying conversations Tinder force us to engage in, right?

If you’ve questioned what in the hell you were thinking swiping right after he came out with his first shocking one- liner or sent his second dodgy photo, then you’re not alone.

In the spirit of Christmas, we thought we’d share some of the most awkward, outrageous and downright hilarious Tinder exchanges ever written. (Fine, it’s less to do with Christmas and more to do with our love of laughing.)

No matter how hideous your conversation with that last bloke turned out, count your lucky stars you weren’t involved in any ‘flirtations’ with these particular lads. (Unless you were, in which case, we are truly sorry, but thanks for the lols.)

1. The pro who knows how to play it cool.

2. The person who knows how to dream big.

3. The person who knows how to keep his options open.

4.The person who knows how to work the ladies.

5.The guy who knows what he wants.

6. The person who just needs to know, dammit!

7 . The person who knows how to keep in the family.

8. The person who knows not to waste their time on compliments.

9. The person who knows the importance of keeping fit.

10. The person who knows EXACTLY who he is.

There’s no denying, it’s tough out there, ladies.