Zayn’s been accused of MORE bad behaviour in Thailand


Die-hard Zayn Malik fans should look away now.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, a Swedish model named Martina Olsson has claimed that she and Zayn, formerly of One Direction (sob!) hooked up, not once but twice, while on a recent trip to Thailand.

Revealing that she had no idea the 22-year-old star was attached, the model admits: "He didn’t mention anything to me about having a fiancée. He was really flirtatious."

According to the 24-year-old stunning blonde, she was invited into the VIP area of Seduction nightclub where some of the 1D boys were partying.

When the party spilled out of the club and back to the band's villa, things started getting a little X-rated between the pair and according to the model, she showered with Perrie's fiancé, revealing: "Straight away when we were in the bathroom he started kissing me."

And if Martina is to be believed, it seems Zayn may be one for the one-liners, with the model asserting: "He picked me up and said, 'I want you now' and carried me to the bed."

Having been already forced to speak out about accusations of cheating on Perrie when questionable photos recently surfaced, it looks like Zayn will now have his work cut out for him explaining these recent reports.

Rumours circulated that all was not well with the Bradford native following his shock departure from the world's biggest boy band last week, but according to Martina nothing could be further from the truth.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Swedish model said: "When he was taking me to bed in a gorgeous hotel suite overlooking the ocean, he didn’t seem too stressed."

Oh, Lord.