Zayn is accused of cheating on Perrie after photo surfaces


Zayn and Perrie have had a LOT of rumours to put up with surrounding their relationship in recent months, but things just got worse…

A photo of what is said to be Zayn holding hands with another girl has been sending fans wild on Twitter.

While only the back of his head is visible, fans don’t seem to be contesting the fact that it is Zayn, with many actually accusing him of cheating on Perrie. This may have to do with the tattoo on the back of Zayn's neck which is also visible in the photo. 

This isn’t the first time Zayn has been pictured with another girl other than his fiancée, photographs of him asleep were said to have been taken by an Australian waitress he spent the night with.

The most recent accusations of Zayn’s cheating come only weeks after it was reported that he and Perrie had split, after the singer was spotted without her engagement ring.

Could it be the begging of the end for this X Factor couple?!