You will NEVER guess what Blake and Ryan have named their baby!


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been working very hard to keep their new daughter's name out of the media since she was born back in December.

Early reports based on a now-deleted tweet from Westchester Medical Centre suggested that the Lively-Reynolds baby had been named Violet, but those later turned out to be false. Even after repeated grilling from TV host David Letterman recently, all Ryan would divulge was that they had chosen a traditional family name, and nothing more. 

Well, they weren't lying about choosing a traditional name, but it's certainly not the one we were expecting!

A source close to the couple has finally revealed the star couple's choice to E! News, and while nothing has been revealed by the couple yet, this is the closest we've had to confirmation of a name so far.

So, here it is! Welcome to the world little… James?!

Yes, we were definitely more than a little taken aback at Blake and Ryan's decision, but when you consider that Blake is not exactly the most feminine of names either, it does make a little more sense. 

There's no word from Blake or Ryan, but we reckon it can't be long until we find out for sure!

What we are more than certain of is that the couple are already doing a great job of parenting as a team. Ryan recently spoke about his complete lack of sleep since his little girl arrived, confessing, "I don't sleep very much. It's great. It's wonderful. But my brain is elsewhere… I had to go to Sundance this last week. I was more excited to get a good night's sleep. It was borderline pornographic for me.''

We can't wait to see pictures of little James, if that IS her real name!